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COLDFLEX® Veterinary Non-Sterile Products


Reusable - Recharges with water - Safe, Effective Equine Therapy
The COLDFLEX® compression wraps are perfect for treating sprains, strains, tendon injuries, bucked shins, hematoma's, arthritis, stocking up, core temperature control* and various other veterinary / equine health issues.

COLDFLEX® removes heat via evaporation, pulling heat from deep within the muscle tissues, while the compression helps reduce and prevent edema. COLDFLEX® requires only cool water to re-activate the hydrogel, making it VERY cost-effective, plus it is 100% irritation free, even on abraded skin.

COLDFLEX wraps are also used before strenuous exercise to tighten the tendons and prevent stocking-up. Race horses have used COLDFLEX 10-15 minutes prior to the race and have increased their overall wins. COLDFLEX is the product that can make all the difference in preventing and treating injuries as well as increasing performance.

COLDFLEX® Compression Wraps are made of stretchable polyurethane foam that is saturated with proprietary hydrogel formula that cools at room temperature. (It may also be refrigerated for a deeper cooling action.) The gel-embedded wrap evaporates water to simultaneously provide moist, penetrating, cooling action and compression. The cooling effect lasts for hours and there is no danger of tissue damage from excessive cold as with the application of ice.

*COLDFLEX® is also highly effective at reducing core temperature and as a total body rejuvenation system, reducing the overall body temperature by cooling the blood that runs through the surface vessels in the lower legs. Because COLDFLEX ® does not require refrigeration, it is a must-have item on all trail rides and camping expeditions!

Wrap Sizes:
2" x 48 " Small Wrap
3 " x 72" Large Wrap

Equine Pads & Blankets


FIRE SAFETY - Withstands Temperatures of 3568°F for several minutes. Great for barns!

The non sterile blanket and pad can be used at least 25x if properly cared for. It is always cold, ready to quickly cool-down and rejuvenate an animal by decreasing both body temperature and heart rate.

This is an especially valuable tool to have on hand for high performance animals, to help them recover and help reduce injuries that may have occurred during an athletic competition or event. The Blankets are a superior item to effectively treat heat exhaustion in both animals and people.

Blanket Sizes:
24" x 36" Small Blanket/Pad
36" x 50" Medium Blanket
50" x 72" Large Blanket