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Customer of the Month Archives


"Here in MN it can get hot and humid when competing at barrel races and rodeos. The best way to cool down my horse is with Coldflex! I no longer have to worry about bringing ice or cold towels. All I need is my Coldflex blanket and wraps and we're set."

~ Rachel Bromen

I love Coldflex for both myself and my horses.

As a barefoot trimmer, I suffer from tendonitis in my elbows and wrists, and after a full day of trimming am quite sore. Half an hour of rest and wrapped tendons later, I am fully functional again! My knees are also not too happy after many miles on the trail (I ride endurance), and they benefit from a wrapping as well!

Of course my endurance horses love the cooling effects of the wraps after a hard ride as well, and I love the simplicity of the wraps as their caregiver. No longer do I have to find a creek or hose in or near camp (usually not at all available), or worry about how to freeze/provide ice for traditional ice boots (I only carry an ice chest for my food and do not have a useable fridge/freezer in the camper), which don't conform to all the varying joints of a horse anyway.

I just pull the wraps out (which can be really cold if there was room in my ice chest, or work fine without as well when kept in one of the cool, dark corners of the trailer) and on they go, without a fuss!

I think everyone should have at least one wrap (if not a pair) in the barn, horse trailer, and the home fridge. Then you'll always have them around for your own, or your horse's needs!

Thanks for a great product!


"Blondie benefits from Coldflex wraps after a hard day on the Hunter Pace course :D I need to get her a blanket because I am sure she would like that way better than liniment for her back."

~ Noël Sousa-Powers


From the minute Kate could talk, she wanted a horse and had been riding lesson horses from the time she was six.  Bob Feld of Bongo Racing named a horse after a relative of ours, and Kate had, unknown to anyone, started emailing Bob.  He invited her to Del Mar to meet his son and visit the backside.  Upon Kate's return, she wanted a thoroughbred mare.  We found a filly, OTTT, who was four years old. Kate was 10 yrs. old and Dozey (Doozey) was 4yrs. old. 

Thus began the saga of an 80 lb little girl and a really green filly who knew nothing except racing.  It has been a long, slow and patient process for both Kate and Dozey.  Dozey had the impression that she was the boss so she was extremely difficult in the beginning, and Kate was thrown more times than I would like to remember.  Kate fell off of a fence and broke her shoulder when she was 11, and when she was able to ride again our trainer, Megan Bittle, asked Kate if she wanted another horse with more training.  Kate's response was to put on her helmet and ask for a dressage whip. 

Once on Dozey out in the dressage arena, Dozey started her standard silly antics.  Kate hit her with the whip one time and the look in Dozey's eyes was total shock.  From that day on, Doz and Kate were bonded.  And, it has been a sight to see because they are really two peas in a pod.  Kate and Dozey have been learning together.  They basically started from nothing to where they are today.  They spent a few years going to schooling shows, and have won all kinds of ribbons and high point awards.  Dozey is not her registered name; the name is actually Kate's nick name given to her by her Dad so Kate named her horse Dozey. 

We researched Dozey's pedigree and to our surprise, we found that Dozey is the half sister to Courageous Comet who is an Olympic Eventing Horse.  So, of course, Kate and Dozey are now eventing.  Their first show was this year.  The second eventing show, they took a 4th place in their class and we were very proud.  Both are in full training and expect to go to more eventing shows this year.  Next year, they will be traveling to several eventing shows, and we expect her to graduate from beginner novice to the training level in 2012. 

Their favorite things to do together are playing tag in the arena which is darling to watch, and when Doz is laying down in her stall, Kate likes to lay down with Doz and talk.  They have some interesting conversations.  Dozey, no matter what happens, is in her forever home. Kate hopes to go to college in Kentucky, and she and Dozey have talked about Dozey going to college with Kate too. I believe the secret to Kate's success with Dozey is tremendous patience, a great trainer who loves Dozey as much as we do, and a tremendous amount of work.  Megan Bittle has been Dozey and Kate's trainer from the beginning, and we believe in her plan for Kate and Dozey. 

Kate is now 15yrs old and Dozey is 8 yrs. old.  Kate plans are for her and Dozey to be in the Olympics some day.  A big dream but she is a great rider and has a great horse, and she always keeps the success of Courageous Comet in her thoughts because he was an OTTT too.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that she can fulfill her dreams!

~Fran Doos


Hailey Dahlstrom
her horse Mystery

" This is my 10 year old daughter, Hailey, and her 8 year old horse Mystery. Mystery is a Navajo pony that was rescued from slaughter by the lady we purchased her from. Mystery is an amazing little horse that truly takes care of my daughter.

They compete in 3 day eventing. The first time they competed the Pre-Comp Cross Country course I held my breath for what felt like the entire 6 minutes she was on course. My daughter rode in with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face and Mystery gave me the look like "What, I got this, and I got her." My daughter and Mystery have an amazing bond that not even me and any of my three horses have. Mystery gives my daughter 110% and takes care of her any time she is on her back.

To keep my daughter and Mystery a competitive team, and to keep my daughter smiling ear to ear, we use Coldflex at the end of each long day of 3 day eventing to help soothe Mystery's hard worked muscles. Coldflex is an easy to use product and works fantastic! I would highly recommend every 3 day eventer carry Coldflex in their eventing box. You can even use Coldflex on yourself in the event you come off and get any bumps or bruises."

~ Sue Dahlstrom

"I have used COLDFLEX in so many situations, but the most recent was with my youngest mare. She reared up, lost her balance, and flipped over backwards, gashing her leg and banging her eye in the process.

Many hours and vet bills later, we figured out she had a corneal ulcer, blood clots inside of her eye, a gash on her left hind leg, and swelling around her left front pastern. I used the COLDFLEX wrap around her pastern for 20 minutes a day for two weeks and it has worked wonders!

After only the first few days the swelling had already subsided tremendously, and currently we are on the road to recovery with her eye, although that will take a few weeks more. Thank you COLDFLEX because instead of worrying about two injuries, I only get to stress out about one!

I also included a picture of my mare pre-accident because unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her sporting her beautiful blue COLDFLEX wrap. :)"

Melanie Lourme


February Winner

"I was at the barn the other day with a hurting arm due to an on going bull riding injury and came upon some COLDFLEX that we use on our horses all the time and figured I would give it a try. Sure enough the arm is feeling better and the COLDFLEX can now be found in my bull riding gear bag, Thank you so much, your product is amazing!!"

Tim Shanahan

"This is my very spoiled Mare, she feels show season in Michigan is always too hot, as a horse of distinction she he enjoys to cool off after a great performance with a cold *Coke® and her Coldflex."
~ Cheryl Figures

*Coke is a Registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and in no way supports or promotes the

"I always use Coldflex wraps after every workout. They are the best. My horse has suspensory issues and they cool him down safely, much better than ice."

~ Lori Downie


"We at KP Race Stable love the Coldflex products!! We use the compression wraps on our racehorses after big works or after a races to reduce and often prevent inflammation which in the long run, helps us keep our horses sound, healthy and happy!! This is a picture of one of our racehorses winning at Portland Meadows. Thank you for offering a contest!!"

~ Katie Bornholdt-Peery /
Hidden Fox Farm and KP Race Stables

"This is Bud Lite! He's a 27 year old American Quarter Horse. He was the very first horse that I ever rode, and 22 years later he is still my best friend.

He has done it all from being a reining champion, to teaching me to jump. In his later years he even gave a ride to a super sweet gentleman with terminal cancer who's last wish was to ride a horse. Even at 27 years old Bud is still going strong. He can no longer jump a 4ft fence, or run an 18 second barrel pattern, but that doesn't get him down!

We love COLDFLEX® wraps and we have one that we use on him and also on our doggie! They are just what everyone should have after a ride! Bud even has a video of our life together ♥ "

~ Lindsey Medio and Bud Lite


"C.B is an 18 yr old quarter horse mix mare. She has been my best friend for over 14 yrs and is now teaching my younger cousin, Cassie, the ropes. She dose everything from rodeo, showing,trails riding, moving cows and so much more. She loves her Coldflex leg wrap after a long day."

~ Jackie Miller - 2012 Ketchum Kalf Rodeo Queen

"Thank you for your generosity. We love our Coldflex wraps and share them with our friends at the barn who find themselves in a tight spot and without an ice wrap. Amigo is comfortably eating and undergoing cold-therapy at the same time, now that's convenience!"

~ TheraPony Horse Rescue


My horse Windsor-Goliath an Arabian  has had his ColdFlex Wraps for three years! In this time...that I've had him for my boy goes to events that are hard core! It takes a lot out of his legs such as tendons, ligaments and etc. Like most Equine Sports.

Our horses depend on their legs and hooves-or else we have No Horse! I have used ColdFlex so many years...that I've lost count of how many uses are on this set I have. He is always standing so still with them as he licks his lips in Happiness!

~ Thanks! Sarena