COLDFLEX Provides the Ultimate Self-Cooling Technology.
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COLDFLEX® Product Information

There are two Product Lines:
1. Non-Sterile
2. Sterile

Both product lines utilize a unique hydrogel technology that provides self-cooling therapy through an evaporation process that draws/pulls the heat out of the deep layers of muscle tissue and away from the body.

COLDFLEX® has been designed to reduce swelling, slow soft-tissue damage and relieve pain from strains, sprains, bruises, insect bites, cuts*, burns* and open wounds*. (*Sterile line only)

COLDFLEX® does not need to be refrigerated and works effectively when stored at room temperature. (It may also be refrigerated for a deeper cooling action.) The cooling effect lasts for hours and there is no danger of tissue damage from excessive cold as with the application of ice.

Click Here to Learn About Non-Sterile, All-Purpose CODFLEX Products.

NON-STERILE: COLDFLEX works via evaporation to initiate the self-cooling process. Although it may feel warm to the touch while it is in use, the skin, blood vessels, tendons and muscles underneath will become very cold, reducing tissue temperatures by up to 30-Degrees Fahrenheit, yet without damaging any of the soft-tissues.

By pulling heat out instead of forcing cold into the tissues like other cold therapy treatments do, COLDFLEX® provides a far safer and deeper penetrating cold therapy than other products on the market.

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STERILE: The COLDFLEX® Sterile Dressings are non-absorbent, non-adhesive, non-toxic, non-irritating and are used dierectly on open wounds, cuts, burns, post surgery application; and is an incredibly useful for those undergoing cosmetic or traumatic surgeries as it reduces inflammation, recovery time and scar tissue development due to the decrease in long-term swelling around the incision.

Unlike instant cold packs, COLDFLEX® Sterile Dressings conform to the body for unbroken contact and improved cooling technology and are ready to use instantly with no need for refrigeration and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover all situations. (i.e. Strips, Wraps, pads, masks, blankets and custom-order products)

Many governments utilize the sterile burn dressings as part of their treatment for military casualties as it decreases the effects of burn trauma and slows tissue degeneration is those with gunshot and shrapnel wounds.

There are two Product Categories:
1. Human Medical
2. Veterinary

HUMAN USE: Click to View COLDFLEX Use for People.  

COLDFLEX® is used by physicians, sports teams, athletes and everyday users for the relief of sprains, strains and edema due to disease such a hemophilia, and is the future for on the spot injury treatment. Be it in the hospital, on the sports field or on the job, every first aid kit should include COLDFLEX®.

EQUINE USE: Click to View COLDFLEX Use for Animals.  

COLDFLEX® is is the convenient and safe solution to replace Ice, chemical packs, gel packs, cold-therapy units / pumping machines and alcohol-based cooling products that are are not the best cold therapy treatment for pain, swelling, hematoma's (bruises) heat exhaustion, stocking-up, hock injuries or other inflammation-related disorders.


You should not mix other "rub-on" therapeutic treatments, such as Sore-No-More and other similar products containing alcohol, menthol or herbal based mixtures with COLDFLEX®.

The reason for this is that COLDFLEX® will pull the ingredients from these topically applied treatments into the foam base, along with the heat of you or your pet's injury, and while the heat of the injury evaporates through and out of the foam wrap, the ingredients from the other products are pulled into the wrap and stay there, thus destroying it due to the foreign ingredients of these products"digesting" and/or breaking down the foam material and thereby causing it to fall apart.

To make COLDFLEX® last as long as possible, thoroughly wash off the area to be treated with COLDFLEX®, even if you applied the rub-on treatment hours ago.