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COLDFLEX® Sterile Medical Products

COLDFLEX® Sterile Dressings, Pads & Wraps:

COLDFLEX® Sterile Dressings are used on open wounds, cuts, burns or post surgery application for those undergoing cosmetic or traumatic surgeries as it reduces inflammation, recovery time and scar tissue development resulting from long-term swelling.

The COLDFLEX® Sterile Dressings provide immediate cooling and help reduce the spread of the burn and burn-related infections. The dressings are ready to use instantly with no need for refrigeration.

Working by evaporation, COLDFLEX® draws the heat out of the superficial and deep muscle tissue and pulls it completely away from and out of the body. Because the body-heat is actually removed from the treated area, the cooling effect and lasts for hours.

The sterile dressings are 96% water, non-absorbent, non-adhesive, non-toxic, non-irritating and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike instant cold packs, Sterile Dressings conform to the body for unbroken contact and improved cooling.


COLDFLEX® Sterile Blankets & Body Towels:

The sterile blanket and towel have been successfully proven to be valuable tools for lifesaving and fire rescue. Widely used by: military, fire departments, steel mills, laser surgery rooms, bakeries, utility companies, and even tanning salons.

The Sterile Blanket and Body Towel will help prevent/reduce possible infection from burns or open wounds. The cooling effect of the hydro-gel relieves pain and helps stop the spread of the burn.
COLDFLEX® Sterile Dressings will not stick to burns or wounds causing further damage and pain when removed.

NOTE : After initial "sterile" use, these items may be reused as a " non -sterile" item. Just clean and regenerate with cool water.

IMPORTANT - FIRE SAFETY USE!! COLDFLEX® Blankets are FIRE RESISTANT and withstand temperatures of 3568°F for several minutes