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COLDFLEX® Veterinary Sterile Products

The COLDFLEX® sterile veterinary line is s one-of-a-kind self-cooling product that can quickly increase healing, reduce infection and the effects from burns, abrasions, cuts and open wounds.

The COLDFLEX sterile product line is only available in orders of 1,000 (+) units per product SKU.

Please contact us for more information on these products.


The COLDFLEX® sterile veterinary line is an inexpensive, easy to use, highly effective, non-toxic and non-irritating group of products designed to treat an injury without the need of refrigeration or freezing.

COLDFLEX® is used with complete confidence in emergency situations, by surgeons, on Olympic Horses, Race Horses and those that are trained for agility, endurance and search and rescue.

COLDFLEX® is affordable and easy, so it can also be used on the family pet. And unlike all other self-cooling products on the market, COLDFLEX does not require any further financial expense to "regenerate" other than misting it with cold water when it begins to dry out.

IMPORTANT: The sterile products can only be used once as a "sterile" application, but sterile items can be used as a non-sterile product thereafter, and are still reusable for "non-sterile" applications.


COLDFLEX® Sterile Veterinary Dressings are made from durable, non-woven polyester that provides immediate cooling and helps reduce tissue degeneration and the spread of infection due to cuts, burns and post surgery incisions.

The dressings are ready to use instantly with no need for refrigeration. Working by evaporation, they draw heat out of deep muscle tissues and pull it completely away from the body.

Because the heat is actually removed from the treated area, COLDFLEX® provides a cooling effect that lasts longer than products that force cold into the inured area. The sterile dressings are 96% water, no active substances, non-absorbent, non-adhesive, non-toxic, non-irritating and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike instant cold packs, COLDFLEX® Sterile Veterinary Dressings conform to the body for unbroken contact and improved cooling. COLDFLEX® Sterile Veterinary Dressing is effective primary care, useful for burns, post-surgical treatments, open wounds, abrasions and swelling. These products are also packaged into convenient, insulated kits: Equine, Trail Mix and Vet Emergency.


FIRE SAFETY - Withstands Temperatures of 3568°F for several minutes. Great for barns! The Sterile items will help prevent/reduce possible infection from burns or open wounds.

Use confidently in case of emergency! The cooling effect of the gelled water relieves pain but also helps stop the spread of burn. Useful in conjunction with the COLDFLEX® Sterile Veterinary Dressings or Wraps to cool and decrease inflammation of large injuries and post-surgical wounds.

NOTE : After initial "sterile" use, these items may be reused many times as a " non -sterile" item.

Comes in One Size: 50" x 72" Blanket